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I know I sound like a broken record but that is because many women follow the same pattern year after year trying to lose weight and when you begin to realize this is a cycle, that is when you can make the lifestyle changes which will keep you healthy and fit all year round.


Right now you are in your get ready for the holidays phase of the cycle. This phase’s main purpose is for losing weight for the upcoming holidays. During this time you will head to the gym or do a home workout along with caloric restrictions or some diet plan that you will follow temporarily to lose weight so you can look good when you get together with friends and family during the holiday season.

The next phase to follow will be the holiday phase beginning in late October. Halloween starts off the kick-off season for your holiday phase. I consider the Holiday phase the Big 4- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (or another religious holiday), and New Years. For the most part the holidays will now become a big excuse for your exercise and eating habits and this is where the downfall will begin. You will chuck everything you did in your “Getting ready for the holidays phase” right out the window, never to deal with again until next “Getting ready for the holidays phase” where you will repeat the phase again. During the holiday phase you will say you have no time to exercise because you have a million things to do but yet you will find the time to eat more which of course will lead to a little weight gain (you know the weight you lost during the “Getting ready for the holiday phase”. So now you are going thru your holidays not feeling so hot which leads to more binge eating which leads to feeling more like crap which leads to more eating and before you know it the next words out of your mouth will be “I’ll start the first of the year” Making it your New Year’s Resolution which again I will point out you said last year around this time.

Now there is a New Year’s phase which is the phase that you really will make a attempt to get your crap together and that should last until Valentine where all that enthusiasm hits a brick wall for so many reasons and it puts you in line and great timing to grab a box of chocolate for Valentine’s to console your misery.

Next is the bathing suit phase. Bathing suit phase starts by trying on a bathing suit or even last year’s shorts for that matter and this is where reality slaps you right in the face because that last year’s bathing suit or last year’s shorts do not fit. And your first reaction will be I must have shrunk these shorts!!!!!! I am going to play truth game here for a minute and say “NO THEY DIDN’T” The fact is you gained weight!!!!! So here comes bathing suit phase where you exercise like a demon possessed and eat like a bunny rabbit and lose the weight and now vacation phase begins. Yes you guessed it, during this phase you chuck that exercise goodbye and hello laying around on the beach, hello boardwalk food, hello blizzards, hello 3000 calories a day, hello lazy days of summer. And that leads us back to the beginning with back to “Getting ready for the holiday’s phase”. Moral of the story:


How? Here is a couple tips.

Set the plan in motion

The key is consistency not roller coaster phases, which means no excuses and dedication. This means taking responsibility and holding yourself responsible for your own actions. It means designing a lifestyle plan and living by it thus changing bad habits into good and creating a healthier lifestyle change for yourself that you can live by on a daily basis.

Exercise should be a main cornerstone to your new lifestyle change. First when you start exercising it’s all about finding your level. Don’t work out where you despise it but also don’t work out where you feel you are at a party. Either extremes will not benefit you in the long run. The top priorities to a great workout is safety, good form, and working at the right fitness level for you. I try to stress to women all the time that a beginner is not going to work out the same as a pro who has been doing it for twenty five years. Which leads to another point don’t worry about any one else’s fitness but your own. It’s like anything else in life you need to focus on you and stop worrying about others. People are constantly comparing themselves to other people and that is wrong and all that is going to do to a beginner is discourage you. Also along with fitness level you need to take a look at what is your goal. What do you want to accomplish in the long run. So many times I observe women on fitness programs that they have no business being on. Then when they don’t get the results they want, or they hurt themselves, or their weightloss is temporary and they gain weight back, they wonder why. You need to ask yourself the question what is your fitness goal and how can you reach that goal with a lifestyle that you can live with the rest of your life.

You need to give exercise time.

My opinion especially when you want to see weightloss-Magic number 13 weeks for 5 days a week one hour a day for anyone who wants to make a really make a difference in their health and wellness. Doing the fitness level that is right for you and taking in the calories that you should be taking in to lose 1-2 pds a week no more. If you just said I don’t have the time you just have given me your first excuse. Point blank I don’t have the time and many, many other people don’t have the time difference is we make the time. Second, you need to give yourself time to change the old lifestyle.The reason for that is it’s hard to break a lifestyle pattern. Dealing with weightloss is just like dealing with a drug addict. People trying to lose weight know that road of their bad habits are wrong yet they keep taking it because it’s all they know and it’s easy.

Be patient put the 13 weeks in a evaluate it from there.

No Diet

Don’t get on a crazy diet. This to me is the worst mistake period. Calories in Calories out period. Diet are so restricted and put unnecessary stress on your decision to lose weight. If you know Grandma’s famous pot pie is going to be around in your life you just need to know the calories and you just need not eat the whole pie. I have study, study, study nutrition and I can tell you right now there are no set rules. Nutrition changes constantly what’s bad for you changes constantly, what’s good for you changes constantly. Another thing that the experts will tell you is that with some studies that are done on nutrition will have too many variables and many are not controlled. Another realistic point that studies have shown is mind over matter. If you believe it is so it is. Placebo’s have had miraculous effects on volunteers of studies because they have convinced them self in their mind that this is the real deal and this is what is suppose to happen so it does. Also many studies are done by the people trying to promote their product, in which they will say the study shows the product is good for you. Well what else would they say? So you really need to go over every study and see how it was conducted.

Even in my newsletter you will see studies. These are what I constantly look at. This information is informative and you can base how you feel by what is presented in the article. Planning a nutrition strategy is all about what helps you to reach your goal, stay with your goal and what works for you and you will find that it is different for everyone. What doesn’t work are the diets you go on and then come off as soon as you lose the weight.To break they cycle you need to come to grips with your eating habits and your goal is to create something that you will do for life not just temporary.

Get a different mindset

Exercise is important all year round not just in phases. The holidays are when you are going to need your exercise the most. Why because your eating habits go up. That’s what you need to program during this time. With the holiday, parties and other celebrations you are eating and drinking much more which means exercise should be your best friend. Also along with the holidays comes stress. It is truly amazing how exercise relieves stress. Whenever I am under stress the first thing I do is stop everything and go exercise. I always come back stress-free and more productive. Exercise has never let me down where stress was concern. Also keep in mind along with stress comes stress eating. So your mind should be focus on the importance of exercise during this time. Do not use the excuse “I have too much to do to exercise”. Change the thinking!!!!!!! Exercise is top priority.

During the holidays I stress here is it’s ok to have holiday treats and enjoy the holidays, just watch the calories!!!!! Don’t deny you will just resent and at some point you will have had enough and just binge attack. If you want a cookie have A COOKIE, just don’t eat the whole tray. If you want a alcoholic drink have A ALCOHOLIC DRINK, just not the whole bottle. Moderation.

In conclusion NOW not New Year’s is the time to take control. Start today and change your life. Start by setting a goal for the holiday season. A good one would be to walk or run a Thanksgiving 5k. Another goal would be for the family or friends to get out at least one time a week for a hour and do something physical in the great outdoors. Another goal is to make sure you attend your fitness classes during the holiday season. Schedule you holiday activities around your fitness. Bake your cookies either before or after class, go shopping either before or after class. I am telling you right now if you take care of yourself all will be well with the world, if you don’t take care of yourself your going to get run down, stresses out and feel miserable.

Enjoy the holidays. You do have an hour to give towards keeping yourself well and happy during the holiday season. Get that mindset in your head.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, happy, and safe fall season ……Marcia