What is love????


A major wish for all of us is the we all just get along, but for so many reality reasons that will never be. Being a realist I take that information and I do the best I possibly can to make this world a better place. It takes more than one person it takes a nation. The word LOVE. Love, Love, Love it come easily out of many mouths, it comes easily with just a simple press of a button and then it ends. What is love? Well it’s a great song and it was awesome when used in the move Night at the Roxbury, but really what is love? You say I love you, you press a button and that’s it???? Love is just a word. Here is the value of love when you say it or press a button for it, the value is $0.00. Worthless utterly worthless. But what is priceless is actions that create love, actions of understanding, actions of compassion, actions of taking a moral stand and getting involved. These are much more priceless treasures than the saying love, because these actions creates out of nothing a feeling of love and this love is priceless.  The first ingredients to creating love is understanding. People are so harsh in this area. They just jump to conclusion and no nothing about the situation. They listen to the gossip of the media and base their decision on their own prejudice jumping to conclusion without facts. But it goes much deeper and closer than that. The lack of understanding is its own disease in our own communities.  It goes into not trying to understand someone’s lifestyle, someone’s struggle with medical issues, someone struggle with what comes with old age, a struggle of a child that needs attention, a struggle with someone who life is turned upside down and need someone to lean on. People are just too busy posting how good they are on Facebook, giving advice on Facebook, and how much they love and actually in the real world have no actions of understanding because they are “Too Busy” to stop and take the time to understand. You know I am very sarcastic on Facebook but there isn’t a friend of mine alive that doesn’t know if they needed me I would drop anything I am doing to be there for them, and I mean anything. And why would I do that because of the next reason compassion something else we need to work on. I have a great compassion for everyone but much more for elderly and people with mental illnesses. I know for both groups life cannot be easy at times, in fact I think many people quickly disassociate themselves from both. There are things about you that you just get to know when you reach a certain age (things you wish you would have known when you were young), I see myself as a protector, but the greatest feeling I feel is compassion. Sometimes I looked at a person and I can feel the pain inside of them and my heart hurts for them. All these people are looking for is a word of kindness or an act of kindness some sort of human connection.  But yet society will write I love my Grandma yet it’s been months since a visit or they will say what a great sister or brother they are yet will have a sibling with a mental illness and shun then out of their lives. What kind of a great person are you when you can’t even have compassion for your own flesh and blood, or forgiveness for that matter? I think for all Americans we need to set the act of compassion forward to Vets, to children, to animals, to mentally ill, to elderly, and lastly to each other. We need to dig down deep and understand each other more and again as I am a broken record about this we need to accept other people’s opinions and not take it personally. I look at Facebook on a daily basis as you can do, look at the post you can feel hatred coming out, people knocking people through post, I mean you have to know that you are hurting someone when you post the things you do. When I post I really try hard not of get on a playground level and also a hatred level and lastly I really try hard to find facts instead of made up stories, which by the way is hard to do.  I speak my opinion but I do it with respect for anyone who may disagree with me. I think we really have to look at our post and ask the question “ Am I doing this out of hatred , anger and trying to zap someone or am I passionate about this and want to state my opinion in a respectful way? I think you can tell a great deal from a person’s post. Sometimes I read a post I don’t see an opinion, I see hatred and anger and I say to myself “That has got to be one unhappy person”. Hey and I am not perfect by far. Again I tease and I am sarcastic about it but hey I get angry and I make my anger known. It happens but not on a daily basis. That’s the difference. We are all humans, we all will get angry, it’s a given. I am one that lets it out, that’s why I feel I live a stress free life most of the time because I hold nothing in. When I get angry the whole world knows. But the great thing about letting anger out is you have you temper tantrum and you move on. It doesn’t fester, it doesn’t grow, it’s doesn’t play havoc on my body it’s released out in the world for the universe which doesn’t care to take care of. Lastly I feel we have really become an amoral country. Let someone else handle the problem. Let someone else do the work, let someone else do the thinking and then when things go wrong it’s the same amoral people who will cry the loudest. They want change, they want something to be a certain way, they want this to happen but they will do nothing, absolutely nothing to make it happen. Remember this the laziest people, the cheapest people and the most complaining people, are the biggest amoral bitchers in life. THEY WILL NOT TO ANYTHING TO CHANGE ANYTHING!!! THEY ARE USELESS. And I really do get down on amoral people because they have no right to say anything when they don’t get involved to help solve the problem they are bitching about. NO RIGHT!!!!…. That’s why I have learned to ignore them and work around them, however the more amoral people you get within a community or a country the more situations deteriorate.  That why I say people need to up your game. You need to care. You need to care about yourself, you need to care about you family, you need to care about the job you do, you need to care about coworkers and how you treat them, you need to care about your community, you need to care about all people in general even if your opinions differ, and you need to care about all living things that cross your path. Actions speak louder than words. So when you throw that love word around back it up with an action and what’s even better do something out of love and don’t post about it. Sadly, it’s become we do things nowadays to post about it. I think that is extremely sad actually borderline pathetic. Learn to leave that phone home sometimes and just go have fun. Learn to be in the moment instead taking the full ambience in, instead of posing and wasting time instagramming. Listen it’s great to post stuff on Facebook, Twitter, etc but put limits on. Take a couple pics and put the cellphone away and just enjoy. Most of the time I go hiking I leave my cell phone at home seriously. Actually I leave the cellphone home a lot of times, ask people who try to get ahold of me!!! Haha Listen your job today is to make your bed, exercise, and post something that makes the world a better place. HAVE A WONDERFU DAY PEEPS!!!!! SPREAD YOUR LOVE THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS TODAY BY MAKING IT YOUR PROBLEM, TAKING TIME TO UNDERSTAND, AND SHOWING COMPASSION…………….OK GO DO IT!!!!!